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OUR WINNING COMBINATION of good looks, quality and value has ensured that a number of Olymberyl® stoves remain category best sellers. Unfortunately this means that they're often imitated – but we're pleased to say, never bettered. For example, inside many of our stoves feature advanced clean burn combustion technology; Primary, Secondary and Preheated Tertiary Air, normally only associated with 'top end' Scandinavian stoves. This truly sets the original and genuine Olymberyl stove apart.
With the Aidan®, Ireland's best selling boiler stove, its highly popular smaller brothers, the Gabriel® and Defra Approved Smoke Exempt Baby Gabriel®, and our latest addition, the clean burning Gabriel® Inset, we believe that Olymberyl now offers you, not only the best stove choice at affordable prices, but also a genuinely greener heating alternative. With an ever-increasing emphasis on maximising heat efficiencies and minimising particle emissions Olymberyl are proud to be at the forefront of stove design and wood burning development. Not only do we produce our own stoves, but we also manufacture components, sub assemblies and complete stoves for a number of other well known brands – a clear testament to our high standards of build quality and stove expertise. All of this, plus our five year bodywork guarantee (one of the best in the business), should make purchasing an original Olymberyl stove one of your easiest decisions.