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Three Questions To Consider Before Buying A Suitable Wood Burning Stove
May 22, 2018

When it comes to buying a fireplace, you may as well consider it from three perspectives: the raw material of the fireplace, the installation location of the fireplace, and the model selection of the fireplace.


Question 1:  Which kind of raw materials do you prefer?

Depending on the raw materials, wood burning stoves can be divided into two types, including steel fireplace and brick fireplace.


Cast iron or steel plate fireplaces are relatively common at present, and they are easy to install. It is easy for the installer to directly discharge the fireplace to a reserved place in the room, and the fireplace will not leads to the burning of nearby objects due to its overheated appearance.


The brick fireplace is beautiful with retro style , while its construction process is relatively complicated. Thus more and more people prefer cast iron wood burning stoves or steel plate fireplaces. Hiflame produces mainly cast iron fireplaces and steel fireplaces.


Question 2: Where are you going to install the fireplace?

When installing a new fireplace, it is important to choose a proper installation location based on the interior of the house. Suitable installation locations are the living room, bedroom and kitchen. In most of the literary works of fire films, we can often see such scenes: During cold winter, sometimes families are around the fireplace in the living room and children quietly are listening to stories from their parents; or sometimes a group of friends are getting together in the living room and listening to someone playing the piano. Therefore, the living room mostly be regarded as a very ideal place to install a fireplace.


Question 3: Which models do you choose?

As a common household item, fireplaces have different shapes and parameters. When choosing a model, there are two things need to be done: First, measure the area of the room carefully, then you can select heat output and specific size of the fireplace accordingly, which is helpful to avoid wasting resources. Second, consider the installation position of the flue. The wood-burning fireplace has special requirements for the installation location for flue. The flues usually extends out of the roof and has a sufficient distance from the surrounding building. Therefore, the position of the flue also needs to be considered in advance. 

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