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The Service Life Of Enamel Furnace Is Very Long
Aug 25, 2017

Enamel furnace is mainly used in industrial enamel reactor, stirrer and other products fired, the product has energy-saving, efficient, easy to operate and so on. Glass-lined equipment sintering furnace, glass-lined heating furnace using automatic temperature control electric heating, firing products porcelain surface clean, stable quality, Enamel Stoves not easy to jump porcelain, no pollution, the use of new energy-saving whole fiber lining, heating fast, empty furnace loss small, more than 20% of old products energy saving. According to customer requirements can be designed and manufactured for a variety of glass-lined equipment reactor specifications of the automatic temperature control resistance heating furnace, the use of a new type of full fiber lining, Enamel Stoves compared to the old brick heating furnace can save 10%-25% of electricity, furnace temperature can be as high as 1200 ℃, can be fired a variety of high-temperature corrosion-resistant porcelain glaze enamel equipment, the use of automatic temperature control system, so that the products are not easy to deformation, porcelain surface clean, stable quality, Enamel Stoves no bounce porcelain, high finished rate, no pollution and soot ash effect, Greatly improve the product quality and service life.

Enamel Furnace Product Features:

1. Technology Intensive enamel treatment: In the 852℃-930 enamel treatment, the characteristics of glass components to the enamel treatment of the boiler liner, Enamel Stoves enamel surface layer is glass composition, so water will not occur with metal contact corrosion deterioration, surface damage phenomenon.

2. Environment-friendly: other brands of boiler liner is galvanized treatment, so has the human body harmful metal and chemical reactions, Enamel Stoves the new development of enamel liner products, can provide clean, clean hot water.

3. Clean type: Iron, stainless steel, galvanized and other boilers after after the corrosion of the iron plate, and the ABC factory products inside the liner enamel treatment, so can provide pure hot water and boiling water to ensure your health.

4. The same 4mm thickness iron plate, enamel treatment, Enamel Stoves enamel liner and 6mm thickness of the same effect.

5. The use of pressure of 3.5kg/cm2, compared with other iron and stainless steel boilers, the service life is very long.

6. Conducive to special use of warm water venues: drinking, hotels, luxury residential, bathing and so on.

7. Enamel products are very corrosive to chemicals and so on, Enamel Stoves so they are used in various chemical industries.

8. Pipe water Capacity comparison:

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