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The Fireplace And British Neoclassical Architectural Style
Jul 04, 2018

In the middle and late Georgia period, there are some masters of British neoclassical architecture, including the Adam brothers, Sir John Thorne. They are all in the Western neo-classical design field and attach great importance to the design of the fireplace. Thus they designed a lot of exquisite and relatively perfect fireplace.


At that time, there were professors who designed and built fireplaces In Dublin. Then the fireplace gradually shifts from everyday function to art. Even though today, its form is still being appreciated. At that time, the fireplace was regarded as much important as the car of the industrial age. Until today, the mainstream fireplace styles of European and American fireplaces were almost determined by the architects of that time.


In the 18th and 19th centuries, under the influence of the British, French and American nobles had the fireplace in almost every room. There are fireplaces in the living room, foyer, dining room, bedroom, bathroom, and even in the gun room. At that time, people judged the taste and strength of the owner through the delicate degree of the mantelpiece. The number and size of the chimneys will be visually observed to evaluate the quality of the building.


Nowadays, with the development of advanced technology, various heating facilities are emerging one after another. However, who can refuse the unspeakable feeling brought by the fireplace? The charm of the fireplace is not just about bringing warmth, it has become a culture and lifestyle infiltrated in the lives of Westerners.

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