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The Boiler Realizes The Automation
Jul 24, 2017

General evaporation of boilers are relatively small, are under 40, to 10-35 or so, and the utility of boilers is not the same as the utility boilers, boiler main steam and hot water requirements are not very high indicators, the general use for some industrial steam, such as heating furnace steam seal, steam hot water heating and other uses, the boiler form many, but most of the chain furnace, because the chain furnace technology mature, Boiler Stoves simple and reliable structure, but also to achieve automation, and other factors, by the majority of boiler users. Chain furnace structure has chain grate, coal gate, Eagle Iron, furnace, slag pipe, water wall, upper and lower set box, superheater (steam boiler), convection tube bundle, upper and lower set box (also known as steam bag), Economizer, air pre-, as well as the corresponding auxiliary systems and pumps and fans, and instrumentation and other devices. Its structure is characterized by the formation of a variety of water cooled wall-arches, Boiler Stoves the role is to promote ignition and combustion, so that the combustion more complete. The furnace platoon has the wind storehouse, may according to the coal type which burns the specific allocation wind storehouse matches the air volume.

Boiler mainly has coal powder furnace and circulating fluidized bed boiler mainly, its evaporation is big, the efficiency is high, Boiler Stoves the structure is different from the chain stove, the pulverized coal stove and the circulating fluidized bed boiler structure are similar, but the principle is different, the pulverized coal stove and the circulating fluidized bed boiler all use the bed bottom with the wind hole, once the wind from the bottom of the bed, two times the wind carrying pulverized coal into the furnace to form a mixed combustion, Boiler Stoves after burnout after the cyclone separator to separate the burning completely pulverized coal to burn again, and the fluidized bed boiler makes the pulverized coal to form the Fluidization form, which is better than the pulverized coal stove. The combustion is full and the low-temperature combustion is realized, and the NOx emission is reduced.

The boiler heating system depends on the flow resistance and the pressure value unchanged. The use of boiler heating energy-saving effect is more obvious, Boiler Stoves the boiler is not allowed to have any part of vaporization, boiler water capacity is small, in the sudden power outage operation, steam easy pot situation, Boiler Stoves may produce water hammer.

1. Boiler Working pressure

Working pressure boiler heating system depends on the flow resistance and pressure value unchanged. Boiler work pressure, nameplate only give power to make the boiler pressure, but in practice, the boiler pressure is often lower than this value. Therefore, the boiler safety margin is relatively large.

2, with smoke and a pot of water, small-scale large temperature difference, so that good heat transfer efficiency is higher.

3, the use of boiler heating energy saving effect more obvious. No hot water heating boiler steam heating steam loss, loss also greatly reduces the sewage treatment system and traps have greatly reduced leakage, heat loss is also reduced. Therefore, the heating system than the steam hot water heating system can save 20% of fuel.

4, the boiler is not allowed to have any part of the vaporization, otherwise it will destroy the water cycle.

5, no oxygen water, oxygen corrosion prominent, Boiler Stoves tail heating surface temperature acid corrosion tendency.

6, from the operating sedimentation water dissolved gas boiler, structural problems need to consider the elimination of gas.

Boiler structure

1. Boiler Tube

This type of boiler tube is a snake tube rack and two, the former more common. The tube boiler is forced to flow through the head of the circulating pump and the water pressure tank, directly heating a pot of water. Most of these boilers consist of smaller cylinders (heads) and pipes with compact structure, small size, saving steel, simple processing and low cost. But, the boiler water capacity is small, Boiler Stoves in the sudden power outage operation, steam easily pot situation, may produce the hammer.

2, Drum Boiler

This boiler, early, mostly transforms into a steam boiler, its boiler water pot, is a natural cycle. In order to ensure safe and reliable water circulating boilers, there must be a certain height of boilers, so these large boilers, steel consumption and costs are also relatively increased. However, because of these boiler water capacity, can maintain the natural cycle, when the system circulation pump suddenly stopped running, can effectively prevent the steam pot. For this reason, the rapid development of natural circulation boilers in China in recent years.

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