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Standard Of Ecodesign Wood Burning Stove
Feb 18, 2019

According to the differences in fuels, stoves can be divided into different kinds of stoves, including wood stove, pellet stove, gas stove, alcohol stove. Compared with other stoves, wood burning stove is known for its genuine fire and green energy. In Europe countries and American countries, it is very popular because of regenerated forests and planned logging.


However, it can also emit some waste which does harm to the environment, such as CO, NOx. In order to protect the environment, the specialists in wood stove and fireplaces field raised up a new concept: eco design wood burning stove, which is in accord with the new CE standard-Eco Design 2022.


What is the standard of ecodesign wood burning stove? Let us see some main indexes, such as efficiency, CO, NOx, OGCs and CO.     


1. The 2022 ecodesign efficiency target for eco design wood stove is 73%.

2. The amount of PM emissions permitted by Ecodesign is 40mg/m³.

3. Ecodesign 2022 NOx limit is 200 mg/m³.   

4.The OGCs emission target is 120mg/m³.

5. The forthcoming standard of CO is 0.12%(at 13% O2).


As a professional wood burning stove, we catch this trend earlier, and now produced more than 15 models of ecodesign wood stoves, which passed the SGS test. Thanks to the ISH2019, we get the chance to show this patch of HiFlame eco friendly, you are welcomed to visit us in Germany in March. 

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