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Multi-safety Protection Measures For Cast Iron Stoves
Aug 25, 2017

Seven Advantages of cast iron furnace are as follows:

I. Safe and reliable

The iron furnace adopts multiple safety protection measures: water shortage protection, over-temperature protection, overpressure protection, gas high and low-pressure protection, boiler power 24V, etc.

Second, wet back wet bottom cone rib type cast iron furnace piece adopts "water ladle fire" design idea

Structural features: The lower part of the body of the furnace is provided with a hollow cavity, the left side of the hollow cavity, the right side and the bottom are all the waterway of the body of the furnace piece, Cast Iron Stove the ministry is a furnace piece, and a plurality of conical protrusions are arranged on the furnace plate. (The design of this furnace sheet has been patented by the state).

Advantages: The bottom part of the cast iron furnace is annular water jacket structure, the flame burns in the space surrounded by the annular water jacket, in this way, the flame is surrounded by medium water in circulation endothermic and the furnace plate is provided with a number of conical protrusions, Cast Iron Stove increasing the heat absorbing surface, reducing the exhaust temperature (exhaust temperature is not more than 100 ℃), improve the exchange rate, reduce the heat loss.

III. Condensate Water Treatment

A smoke hood is designed for the treatment of condensed water, Cast Iron Stove and the condensate water produced by the boiler is drained to the boiler room drain.

IV. LONG service life

Seamless, no need for another base, can be directly placed on the ground, cast iron furnace plate structure novel, anti-condensation water corrosion, high temperature, long service life, Cast Iron Stove boiler body life is 3-4 times the steel boiler.

V. Easy installation

Boilers can be packaged or bulk, flexibility.

VI. Low noise

Cast iron furnace using atmospheric premixed stainless steel burner, do not need fan, in the open, close and operation will not emit interference noise. If the boiler room is close to the bedroom or is located in the basement, Cast Iron Stove the roof, this advantage appears particularly prominent.

VII. Environmental protection

Cast iron furnace fuel is natural gas, in line with the "boiler air pollutant emission standards," the relevant provisions.

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