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Hiflame Wood Stove With Boiler HF443B Get A Label
Jan 17, 2018

From January 1, 2018, all stoves entering the European Union must carry the ErP (energy-related performance) label. ErP (energy-related performance) rating from G to A ++, but the currently available stove will not be able to achieve A ++ (requires more than 90% efficiency). We have started to bring in eco-design models. During this heating season, Hiflame wood stove boiler HF443 has taken the lead in achieving ErP (energy-related performance) A-labels and obtained EU market access permits. 

Ireland' s biggest selling boiler stove Thousands upon thousands of homes throughout Ireland are heated with the Olymberyl® Aidan® multi fuel boiler stove where it has easily set the benchmark for exceptional build quality, outstanding performance and all round value for money.

OFTEN IMITATED BUT NEVER BETTERED, this model of the stove has been setting the standards for exceptional value for the best part of a decade. There the Aidan® out-sells every other boiler stove and has quickly become an ultra-reliable work horse that people depend upon all year round to deliver their only source of heat and hot water.

With tertiary air and the adjustable thermostat for efficient control, an Airwash system for cleaner glass, external ash riddling for multi-fuel operation and, most importantly, an outstanding 18kW output – enough to power up to 12 radiators, it’s easy to see why the Aidan has so many admirers. Traditional good looks, simple operation and a 5-year bodywork and boiler guarantee are also part of Aidan’s charm. Easy to remove baffle plate and simple flue way cleaning, plus comprehensive nationwide spares service means Aidan’s many attractions are not just skin deep.

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