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Fireplaces & Stoves: The Soul Of Your House
Jun 29, 2018

The love for stoves or fireplaces is almost inborn, whether you are in east or west, whether you are men or women, adults or children.

Its significance is more than the warmth for the body. In the West, fireplaces have a long history. It is the symbol of warmth, family, and love. Whether in a home or in public, fireplaces are always listed as the favorite place for people. Many Westerners know this saying: There is no place that is more comfortable than the fireside. This is exactly the greatest ancient Rome mentioned by Thinker Marcus Tullius Cicero. Westerners are deeply influenced by ancient Greek and Roman cultures.

There is a saying in Europe: A house without the fireplace is just like a body without the soul. Indeed, the silent fireplace always conveys such a beautiful atmosphere, such as warmth, sympathy, friendly affection, grace, romance, tranquility, optimism, perseverance, durability and so on.

The fireplace and stove can be regarded as one of the most representative architectural styles in western interiors, which dominates the interior design style. Therefore, fireplaces are often the most important element of interior design. This tradition began in the George period of England since 300 years ago. In the history of Western architecture, important architects, including Robert Adam and John Thorne, paid great attention to the role of the fireplace and always designed the fireplace by themselves for instance, Robert Adam was known to design more than 500 fireplaces.

Fireplaces and stoves, just like furniture, are a very large category with many types. It is also a world filled with western history, architecture, art, culture, technology and life.

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