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Fireplace: An Old And Warm-Hearted Friend In Your House
Jul 20, 2018

According to a survey about the most anticipated family houses for westerners made by Western media, fireplaces are often in the forefront, ranking in front of several hot destinations such as the beach, gardens, houses and so on. In a survey about the most romantic places in Europe and America, fireplace with flames has always been considered as the best romantic place. In 2013, Norway's most popular slow TV program was actually recorded directly from the ignition of the firewood to its extinction within 12 hours.


The fireplace can be considered as the symbol of ideal family and good life. At that time, the good times of gathering and solitude often occurred in front of the fireplace.


The meaning of the stoves is more than warmth. If you have had the experience of being alone in front of the fireplace, you will find it very magical. The quiet fireplace always conveys all kinds of beautiful temperament such as being warm, enthusiastic, friendly, affectionate, quiet, comfortable, noble, peaceful, elegant, romantic, tough, lasting, open, inclusive, safe, sheltering, inspiring, etc.


Anyway, everyone's feelings by the fireplace may be unique, but there is no doubt that most of these feelings are always positive, true, good and beautiful. Many beautiful things, including art, music, literature, poetry, beautiful women, these beauty are often benevolent and wise. But no one does not like candlelight, fire or bonfire, is it right?


The fireplace can make the balance between dynamic state and state of rest. As long as we stay by the fireplace, as the flames beat, the heart will soon be calmed down, no matter how painful, angry, arrogant, fearful, ecstatic, or excited we were. And then we will be happier, joyful, sharp and creative. And when we are depressed, the fireplace will ignite our passion, strength, joy, and love. Some people think that the place with the most tears is in front of the fireplace. That makes sense.

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