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Evaluation From GasTec Stove Lab Engineer In UK About HF217 Baby Gabriel
Mar 01, 2018

HF217 Baby Gabriel is always selling very well, it is also the main model in our company. We can't say it good or bad but from our customer.

Now let us share an email, which comes from GasTec Stove Lab Engineer in the UK, who evaluate about Baby Gabriel.

I have spoken to Gastech and they can arrange the test for whenever we want. Actually, the CE test is much more interesting as you can establish very quickly what works and what doesn't. From what I've seen of the DEFRA test not much happens and it is spread out over many days with the technician making minor adjustments and then running a test and repeating the process.        


I delivered the 905 to Gastech yesterday and went to see the 217 undergoing part of the DEFRA test.

The lab technician was very excited about how clean the stove is burning and the excellent emission results that the stove was achieving - about one-third of the acceptable limit (and better than most) and made the comment that because of this it would make a good stove for the European market. Although there are still many tests to go he is confident that the stove will pass. Again, even after three days of low burn tests the glass is staying perfectly clean (especially when you compare it to other stoves being tested). The technician was keen to point out to me how clean the glass was and pointed to the bottom corners to show me that there was no staining even ther, which he said they all do.

and whilst we are all desperate to get the factory making the HF217 I think that we need to wait a few more days until we have the CE multi fuel test. I will be visiting again next week because there's an SIA meeting there, so hopefully everything will be finalised by then and I will have written reports.

Let the stove speak seems more useful. Isn’t it?

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