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Enamel Furnace Life Is Extremely Long
Jun 28, 2017

Enamel Furnace Product Features:

1. Technical intensive enamel treatment: enamel treatment in 852 ℃ -930, the characteristics of the glass composition into the enamel treatment of the boiler liner, the enamel surface layer is a glass component, so the water does not occur when the metal contact Corrosion deterioration, surface damage phenomenon.

2. Environmentally friendly: other brands of boiler liner is galvanized, so it has harmful metal and chemical reactions, but ABC's newly developed enamel liner products can provide clean, clean hot water. 3. Clean: iron, stainless steel, galvanized and other boiler after all, the phenomenon of iron corrosion, Enamel Stoves and ABC factory products for enamel treatment, it can provide pure hot water and boiling water to ensure your health. 4. The same 4mm thickness iron plate, after enamel treatment, enamel liner and 6mm thickness of the same effect as iron.

5. The use of pressure of 3.5Kg / cm2, compared with other iron, stainless steel boilers, long service life.

6. Particularly conducive to the use of warm water places: drinking water, hotels, luxury homes, bathing and so on.

7. Enamel products are highly resistant to chemicals such as chemicals, Enamel Stoves and are therefore used in a variety of chemical industries

8. Comparison of water capacity:

Enamel furnace temperature tracker, MyCode furnace temperature tester, furnace temperature curve tracker, gold lion furnace furnace temperature tracker

Enamel products, whether in appearance or internal, are out of its beauty. Golden Lion King of the furnace temperature tracker has been the quality of the market, Enamel Stoves professional services to customers.

In the field of high-temperature test applications are good customers that would certainly be good. JSW furnace temperature curve tracker can become a clean engineer can do real-time monitoring for you, you can get the real temperature of enamel baking. Provide the most reliable and reliable temperature data. Enamel Stoves This will facilitate the engineering staff to improve the process and product quality improvement. JSW furnace temperature tracker in large data 64GB, high precision ± 0.5 degrees, high stability, high speed operation as follows in customer field test display

Enamel furnace heater structure

This design is suitable for water heater liner and other equipment, high-temperature enamel paint, with the following advantages

Paint utilization is high

Furnace temperature difference is less than ± 5 ℃, furnace temperature curve to meet DuPont and other companies paint requirements

Furnace insulation effect is good, Enamel Stoves environmental protection and energy conservation

A design to meet the program.

Meet product quality and process requirements.

Reasonable layout, easy to organize production and maintenance needs.

Designed to "safe production, civilized production" principle, to meet the relevant national technical safety requirements.

Meet environmental, health and safety requirements.

Equipment, waste water, waste gas and harmful dust emissions to meet the relevant national environmental requirements, noise <85Db (need to do environmental treatment facilities).

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