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Enamel Furnace Energy Efficient
Oct 24, 2017

Any one product, are their own great features, naturally in the enamel furnace, they also have their own characteristics, first of all is that they are in their own quality, can make their own best quality performance, when it comes to The performance of the product, naturally, Enamel Stoves will allow them to carry out the performance of the difference is now widely used, so only let them reach their own quality, will achieve its true role, but also make it in view , Can have a big improvement.

So the convenience of the enamel furnace, the natural, the largest point of the premise, because they have reached their own advantage of this, naturally so that users will be in their own use, Enamel Stoves can really achieve the best improvement, and then there is one thing In their scribe, but also have their own best standard performance, because it is a sign of things, so naturally, let them reach the normative, and if there is no normative performance, naturally in the whole Products, it will decline, Enamel Stoves so this is to let them to carry out strict requirements.

Because the enamel furnace has its own best experience, and they also have their own best performance of the process, so naturally, the performance of the entire standard will really achieve the advantage, the last point is the use of the whole, will achieve the best performance Quality, and now more users, Enamel Stoves their use in the use, because they do not have this advantage, naturally, let yourself not long time and then draw, so not only have a lot of trouble, but also will make the whole use When there is no best performance of their own economy, so this is the biggest requirement of the user.

The use of enamel furnaces is different depending on the type of characteristics. First, the enamel sintering of the utensils can be used to make different items, Enamel Stoves including daily necessities such as pots, cups, plates, barrels, Pots, pots, spittoons and other utensils enamel products such as medical needles, vases, sugar boxes, tea boxes, such as ashtrays.

Enamel Furnace Product Features:

1, the real environmental clean clean coal, gas production pure, washed residue, no chimney, do not discharge any smoke.

2, without qualification to review the Wenhua gas furnace, does not belong to the "boiler and pressure vessel safety regulations" category, do not need to qualify.

3, energy efficient combustion safety, high thermal efficiency, 2 kg of standard coal produced by the calorific value is equal to 1 liter of diesel produced calorific value.

4, easy to set up with the use, the interval can be used up to 168 hours or more.

5, easy operation and maintenance Simple, Enamel Stoves automatic mechanical slagging, high automation, no professional training, the general staff can operate.

6, electrical automation using SCR technology, to achieve part of the motor stepless speed regulation and low pressure (12V-50V) control, safe and reliable, temperature self-test, over-temperature open, easy to operate.

7, safe and reliable storage tank can not be stored, Enamel Stoves with the gas with the production, atmospheric combustion, and has a number of security facilities.

8, the application Widely used in hotels, hotels, institutions, schools, and other groups, and the use of various types of coal-fired boilers, fuel stoves can be changed to fuel, gas dual-use stoves; for industrial use, adapted to all types of heat treatment furnace, Furnace, metal products heating furnace, hot-dip galvanizing furnace, hot enamel furnace, drying furnace.

9, special service models and more, according to the specific requirements of the user design and production.

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