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Enamel Furnace Drying Effect Is Good
Nov 02, 2017

Enamel furnace is mainly used for industrial enamel reactor, stirrer and other products, the product has energy saving, efficient, easy to operate and so on. Glass lined equipment sintering furnace, Enamel Stoves glass lined heating furnace automatic temperature control heating, firing porcelain products surface clean, stable quality, not easy to jump porcelain, no pollution, the new energy-saving fiber-wide lining, fast heating, small furnace air loss , With the old product more than 20% energy saving. Furnace temperature up to 1200 ℃, Enamel Stoves firing a variety of high temperature, strong corrosion enamel equipment, heating furnace temperature automatic control system, easy to deformation, processing products, porcelain surface clean, stable quality, jump porcelain, high yield, The impact of dust, greatly improving the quality of the product and the service life.

Enamel furnace is a relatively strong drying furnace, is dedicated to drying enamel, for enamel products can play a very fast, very uniform and very gentle drying effect, the use of time need attention Well these aspects of the problem.

The first is to be optimistic about the corresponding product manual to use, drying furnace operation, although simple and convenient, Enamel Stoves but still have to read the entire product brochures, carefully understand each function after the operation, this way Can we make it more safe to use.

Second, in the use of enamel furnace, pay attention to the requirements for the drying of a pre-set, because this oven is the use of intelligent procedures to operate, so how long to dry, dry water What kind of degree to reach a certain extent, this series of requirements, we all need to set up in advance.

Third, the use of drying furnace in the process, the need for someone to check and monitor next to ensure that no abnormal circumstances, Enamel Stoves can not only let the machine in the case of unmanaged drying, and in the drying process Inside, should be careful not to let unrelated personnel close.

Fourth, in the process of drying the enamel furnace drying process, can not be free to open the enamel to take, nor can the random hand or other items into the drying furnace, Enamel Stoves if there is a need for the corresponding Operation, must first dry the working state of the oven completely stopped before they can open the relevant operation.

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