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Enamel Boiler With Over-temperature Alarm Device
Nov 02, 2017

The use of enamel boilers is different depending on the type of characteristics. First, the enamel sintering of the utensils can be used to make different items, Enamel Boiler Stoves including daily necessities such as pots, cups, plates, Pots, pots, spittoons and other utensils enamel products such as medical needles, vases, sugar boxes, tea boxes, such as ashtrays.

Enamel boiler Features

1, the real environmental protection: clean coal, gas pure, washed residue, no chimney, do not discharge any smoke.

2, no qualification: gas furnace, does not belong to the "boiler and pressure vessel safety regulations" category, do not need to qualify.

3, energy efficient: combustion safety, high thermal efficiency, 2 kg of coal produced by the calorific value is equal to 1 liter of diesel produced calorific value.

4, easy to set up: with the open with the use of interval can be used for more than 168 hours.

5, easy operation and maintenance: easy operation, Enamel Boiler Stoves automatic mechanical slagging, high automation, no professional training, the general staff can operate.

6, electrical automation: the use of SCR technology to achieve part of the motor stepless speed and low pressure (12V-50V) control, safe and reliable, temperature self-test, over-temperature open, easy to operate.

7, safe and reliable: no storage tank, with the gas with the production, Enamel Boiler Stoves atmospheric combustion, and has a number of security facilities.

8, widely used: for hotels, hotels, institutions, schools, and other groups, and the use of various types of coal-fired boilers, fuel stoves can be changed to fuel, gas dual-use stoves; for industrial use, adapted to all types of heat treatment furnace, Ceramic kiln, metal products heating furnace, Enamel Boiler Stoves hot-dip galvanizing furnace, hot enamel furnace, drying furnace.

9, special services: models and more, according to the specific requirements of the user design and production.

Enamel boiler development opportunities

Because the enamel furnace enamel production line is essential to enamel boiler, so the market demand is quite large, the device uses a chain-type mobile hanging chain will be sprayed with a good workpiece from the feed port into the drying oven for heating and drying, and then Continuous from the drying furnace and then into the high temperature sintering sintering curing. After the material will be completed after the entire process, Enamel Boiler Stoves the workpiece can be adjusted to adjust the speed of arbitrary control system: the use of high-power SCR and zero-crossing trigger relay, and is equipped with automatic air switch and fast fuse for secondary protection, reliable to ensure that the electrical Normal operation, while reducing pollution to the grid. The furnace is roughly divided into drying furnace, sintering furnace, transmission, heating, electrical controller and other parts. Drying furnace part of the use of baking furnace work out of the volatile heat to dry, enamel sintering furnace and enamel boiler are used full fiber structure, special fiber cotton, Enamel Boiler Stoves resistive zone and electric heating tube.

Enamel boiler development process of the existence of unfavorable factors

First, the agricultural labor force continues to increase, more than 1.3 billion population in the country, 800 million in rural areas, the vast majority of surplus labor in rural areas, agricultural surplus labor pressure, which is undoubtedly a substitute for labor Dry machinery growth has a negative impact; second is the slow growth of farmers' income, Enamel Boiler Stoves which will directly affect the farmers to buy agricultural capacity; third is the increase in imports of agricultural products. Export reduction, especially in the WTO after joining; Fourth, agricultural support policy is not in place.

Enamel boiler with a new furnace temperature automatic control system, the use of intelligent temperature control instrument PID regulator. With over-temperature alarm device, Enamel Boiler Stoves the district set of electric components ammeter, voltmeter and electric components of the on-off instructions, with interlocking protection and safe grounding measures to ensure the use of safety.

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