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Ecodesign Ready Stoves: The Mainstream In The Future
Feb 13, 2019

After the eco design 2022 was issued, a lot of industry veterans have realized that Ecodesign Ready Stoves will become more and more popular in the future.

Having focused on stoves and fireplaces for more than a decade, technical experts in Hiflame wood stove also caught this mainstream in the future and made a consistent effort on the research of ecodesign ready stoves. Up to now, we have produced around 15 new models, which exact meet the demand of eco design 2022. Here we would like to introduce model 61 to you. 

Let’s see its SGS test result. It has a good performance.

SGS-model-61 高336

In addition, there are different transformation on this model. You can choose to have a base or have a log store, it all depends on your requirement. Our aim is to meet the requirement of each customer.

If you are interested in eco design wood stoves, HiFlame will always be a good choice for you.

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