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Cast Iron Furnace Used In A Variety Of Industrial Enterprises
Oct 24, 2017

Cast iron furnace is a kind of combustion of fuel, so that the chemical energy into heat, and the heat transfer to the water (which may be other working fluid), so that the water has a certain pressure and temperature of the steam or hot water equipment The Boilers are the key equipment for thermal power units and are also widely used in various industrial enterprises and in life.

Cast iron furnace widely used, as well as by the market respected to understand the use of cast iron furnace principle, a better grasp of the use of methods, Cast Iron Stove so that the temperature slowly with the time to digest.

The cast iron furnace includes two parts of the pot and the furnace. The original meaning of the pot is the water container that is heated on the fire. The furnace is the place where the fuel is burned. Cast Iron Stove The hot water or steam produced in the cast iron furnace can provide the required thermal energy directly for production and life, or by converting it into mechanical energy through a steam power plant or by converting the mechanical energy into electrical energy through a generator. Hot water boiler is called hot water cast iron furnace, mainly for life, industrial production also has a small amount of application. Steam boilers, known as steam boilers, Cast Iron Stove also known as steam generators, often referred to as boilers, are an important part of the steam power plant, used for thermal power plants, ships, locomotives and industrial and mining enterprises. Cast iron furnace to withstand high temperature and pressure, safety is very important. Even a small boiler, in the event of an explosion, the consequences are very serious. Therefore, the boiler of the material selection, design calculations, manufacturing and testing have developed strict laws and regulations.

That cast iron furnace non-steel non-iron, corrosion resistance, long life, Cast Iron Stove get the majority of love, understand his principles can be better used.

Starting from the management of cast iron furnace

Cast iron furnace units to establish a tightly coordinated scientific work management system. Improve the rules and regulations, the staff should be clearly and coordination of responsibilities. For the boiler maintenance may be on the issue, not to "check", but to take "preventive" measures, the defects and problems, eliminated in the bud. If you want to form such a perfect work management system, Cast Iron Stove it is necessary to establish a boiler maintenance control point, which is a direct impact on the boiler maintenance effect of the key factors or key to constitute the iron furnace maintenance system is an important part. Management supply for the management of the problems arising from the necessary administrative and technical management to ensure that maintenance work can be carried out in a coordinated manner to achieve the prevention of corrosion of cast iron furnace to improve the safety of the purpose of the boiler. Management work can be the following points to start:

1. To strengthen the training of quality training

To the Secretary of the technical skills and operational skills of regular training, to strengthen the division of workers ideological education, Cast Iron Stove the Secretary of the work of the workers and their economic efficiency of the organic combination of their full complement the enthusiasm of their work and establish a sense of responsibility.

2. Cast iron furnace after the shutdown, should be completely cleared of dirt, the tail heating surface, should strengthen the management of clean, should strictly abide by the "steam boiler safety technical supervision procedures" "hot water boiler safety technical supervision procedures" and other relevant provisions.

3. Strengthen the iron furnace after the maintenance of supervision work, Cast Iron Stove which requires managers to have love and dedication of the sense of responsibility.

Commonly used cast iron furnace shutdown maintenance method

At present, the use of iron furnace units commonly used maintenance methods are: dry maintenance and wet maintenance. During the shutdown of the boiler, Cast Iron Stove the corrosion is mainly caused by oxidation. The presence of oxidative corrosion is oxygen and water. The use of units for the boiler in order to facilitate the general use of dry maintenance and wet maintenance.

The purpose of dry maintenance is to isolate the outside water or steam into the boiler to ensure that the furnace dry, so as to achieve the elimination of boiler corrosion of water conditions.

The specific operation is as follows:

(1) maintenance must be cleared before the boiler scale and the heating surface of the soot, dry metal moisture.

(2) for long-term suspension of the boiler, Cast Iron Stove the boiler room but also rain. Moisture. Also brushing the boiler in the furnace antirust paint, red dumplings in the furnace, but also the auxiliary equipment clean.

(3) In addition to the cast iron furnace, set the container to place desiccant, but also in the furnace. Flue and other places to place desiccant.

(4) 1-2 kg per cubic space of anhydrous green calcium or 2 --- 3 kg of lime

(5) turn off all the holes in the boiler.

(6) desiccant should be checked once every month, if found to be immediate replacement of desiccant failure.

Compared with the traditional shutdown maintenance method, Cast Iron Stove the lye method plus the external desiccant method not only protects the boiler body during the shutdown period, but also protects the whole heating system. It is easier to replace the desiccant of the furnace than to replace the desiccant in the upper and lower boilers.

Now in the heating industry should be said that the cast iron furnace is widely used, we know that no matter the district, school or factory many need to use the heating equipment, mainly used to provide heating and living to meet the needs of hot water. With the extensive use of cast iron stove, and therefore there will be a unique advantage.

1 First, we know the external advantages of the cast iron stove. Long life, in general, the average life expectancy of about 40 years. Under normal circumstances, many places in the use of the boiler, then, will prepare a backup, but if the use of cast iron furnace, then do not have to worry about this problem, because it can be said that quite a few failures.

2 Second, the use of cast iron furnace, then, relatively speaking, Cast Iron Stove very energy efficient, because we know that long-term use, of course, hope that can be less trouble, and can save energy, so you can save a large part of the expenses, and we know the cast iron furnace Can meet this effect. Faroo industrial boilers, Italian design research and development, the world's leading brands, covering the whole industry chain of hot water industry.

3 Finally, the cast iron furnace is suitable in any environment, because for many manufacturers, different places using the boiler environment is different, but for the cast iron furnace in any environment are applicable, but also for the installation is relatively simple , And the most important is the area is very small, with a strong security, is the first choice for many manufacturers, of course, for manufacturers, Cast Iron Stove if you want to buy cast iron furnace, then the best choice cost is relatively high, more quality The protection of the production of cast iron furnace, quality and after-sales service are guaranteed. Of course, if the purchase of cast iron furnace, but also pay attention to the choice of brand, but also the truth.

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