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Cast Iron Furnace Easy Maintenance
May 31, 2017

Cast iron stove installation is simple, easy maintenance. Installation only half an hour left to complete, easy replacement parts. Save time and save time. Cast Iron Stove Can save up to 20% of the gas. Fire. Burning full. After a number of gas premixed, the combustion and oxygen molecules in the air fully mixed, burning flames more blue, higher calorific value, burning temperature up to 1200 degrees. Environmental protection. Application of the new air premixed combustion technology, Cast Iron Stove so that combustion more fully, reducing the flue gas emissions of pollutants.

Cast iron furnace with other energy-saving technologies:

1, can be used with energy-saving stoves such as the East Long energy burner burner.

2, with anti-air burning technology such as the East Dragon

3, with energy-saving pot technology.

Cast iron stove ceramic infrared maintenance up to, because the ceramic plate and slate in the high temperature hot and cold shock easily broken weathering, Cast Iron Stove usually 4 months to replace the ceramic pieces; followed by the reflective disk, also replaced within a year; air heat furnace due to fire Furnace wall, so the furnace wall temperature is particularly high, the furnace during the year to maintain the quality of the material depends on the quality of cast iron and the amount of customer use; constant energy-saving furnace because the fire diversion good maintenance less, almost no maintenance within a few years.

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