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Boilers Are Easy For Routine Maintenance
Sep 18, 2017

A boiler is a combustion equipment that burns equipment to provide good combustion conditions in order to maximize the chemical energy of the fuel and convert it into heat, heating the water into hot water or steam. Boiler, including the pot and furnace two parts, the original meaning of the pot is heated in the fire of the water container, furnace is the place to burn fuel.

What is the boiler?

The conversion of other thermal energy into other working fluid thermal energy, Boiler Stoves the production of specified parameters and quality of the working fluid equipment known as the boiler.

What is the boiler used for?

The hot water or steam generated in the boiler can provide the required thermal energy directly for production and life, Boiler Stoves or by converting the mechanical energy into the mechanical energy, Boiler Stoves or by converting the mechanical energy into electrical energy through the generator.

Boilers have some unique features, including:

① small size and easy to use;

② easy to achieve rapid installation - only need to connect water supply and natural gas or power supply connection;

③ compact structure. Take up less space.

④ in a very short period of time can get steam;

⑤ set the pressure is not higher than lOOpsig, Boiler Stoves due to lower pressure can save investment

⑥ In order to achieve automatic water supply. The main water supply pipeline pressure should be higher than the boiler operating pressure lOpsig;

⑦ easy to daily maintenance;

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