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Boiler Has Good Environmental Benefit
Aug 03, 2017

Boiler by use: Living boilers, industrial boilers, power station boilers, travel boilers.

Boiler classification methods are many, mainly:

(1) According to the combustion mode: there is a layer of burning furnace, air burning furnace, Boiler Stoves cyclone furnace and so on.

(2) According to fuel consumption: there are coal-fired furnace, fuel stove, gas stove and so on.

(3) According to the characteristics of the flow: natural circulation boilers, Boiler Stoves forced circulation boilers, composite cycle boilers, DC boilers and so on.

(4) According to the capacity of the boiler: small capacity, medium capacity, large capacity boilers or called (small, medium-sized, large boilers).

(5) According to steam parameters: low pressure, medium pressure, high pressure, ultra-high pressure, subcritical pressure, supercritical pressure boiler and so on.

(6) According to the arrangement: There are indoor, Boiler Stoves half open type, open type boiler.

(7) According to Slag discharging method: solid slag, liquid slag boiler.

Boilers not only have good environmental benefits, but also have good economic benefits. These characteristics of boilers are particularly important in areas where only high sulphur coal is produced, especially now, Boiler Stoves the proportion of high sulphur coal is more and more high, the industrial chain furnace with capacity greater than 4th is upgraded or converted into CFB boiler, which not only saves 10,000 tons of coal annually, but also reduces Sox emissions by 30,000 tons, economic effect and environmental protection effect is very remarkable.

Circulating fluidized bed boiler is a new efficient and clean boiler, Boiler Stoves which is suitable for poor quality fuel in economy, and has good environmental benefit, and the share of boiler total has been increasing yearly, and a lot of circulating fluidized bed boilers have been put into operation.

The boiler runs stably, has the peak-shaving ability, the combustion efficiency high characteristic, each kind of examination parameter and the emissions of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, Boiler Stoves carbon monoxide and so on all meet the predetermined request, for our country circulation fluidized bed boiler installment construction, the production operation has accumulated the rich experience.

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