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Ancient Fireplace Culture In UK
Jul 04, 2018

British people are usually willing to spend a lot of money on the fireplace or burning heater . They may ask the most famous architects and craftsmen to design it and make it at home, so the fireplace becomes more and more beautiful and practical, above the fireplace, there are figure paintings, landscapes, mirrors and other accessories. On the mantelpiece, there are the precious fireplace clock, porcelain and candlesticks. In addition, the fine carpets and furniture are placed in front of the fireplace. All of them make the fireplace a center of art and interior decoration.


In the 17th century, reading novels and dramas besides the stove became a fashion. In Wuthering Heights, a novel written by Emily Bronte, the word about fireplaces appeared nearly 36 times. Someone think that it is the fireplace culture that created the great writers such as Shakespeare, Dickens, Sacre, Trollope, Elliot, Jane Austen, which leads to the rational, delicate tradition of the British novel.


Just as most of the long-standing cultures are born in the pleasures of leisure or comfort, representing the most important family spiritual culture in the West, the fireplace culture has gradually formed. The United Kingdom is therefore known as the origin of the fireplace culture and the hometown of fireplaces.


In the George period of England (1714-1811), Palladian architectural style, which it symbolizes the ideals of ancient Greece and the model of perfect life, was popular in England. And later the British neo-classical stytle has achieved a complete victory in the cities and villages of the United Kingdom, becoming the most beautiful and most livable architectural style in the history of human architecture.


The fireplace became one of the most important decorative centers in interior design during this period and was written into the design specifications of Georgian architecture. At the same time, the fireplace is considered to be the most representative part of the interior design.

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