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From Fire To Fireplace, From Outdoor To Indoor
Jun 29, 2018

Fireplace culture has always been one of the most important cultures in the west. Its appearance is inseparable from the history of use of fire. In fact, human civilization can be said to be based on the application of fire. Only human beings can get fire, control fire, and use fire. The emergence of the fire not only ended the history of eating the raw meat and drinking the blood, but also dispelled the fear of the nightfall and helped humanity to survive the most difficult winter and night.


No matter in the east or in the west, endless fires have sheltered human life. The fire are closely related to the prosperity and the inheritance of the family. The fire of every well-to-do family could not be extinguished - this is the saying of "passing on fire." Some scholars have studied that even in the Middle Ages in Europe, people will be very careful to prepare for the night in advance, just as the crew will be prepare well before the storm. Therefore, fire always symbolizes light, warmth, shelter, controversy, power and civilization.


The embryonic form of the fireplace appeared in the ancient Greek period. In the 11th century AD, there were original fireplaces in Germanic Nordic countries , which were reconstructed with walls and made of bricks or stones. Most scholars believe that the real fireplace is came into being in the middle of the Tudor dynasty. At that time, humans invented what we know as a wall-mounted, smoke-free fireplace. This type of fireplace, which is located in the center of the wall, stands against the wall, and has a smooth smoke exhaust, is very easy to form balance and build space, and becomes the focus of space. The warmth and comfort brought about by this kind of fireplace is incomparable to the original shape of the fireplace, and this has given rise to a fireplace culture that has been popular in Europe for centuries.


During cold winter, it is very natural that people like to stay by the fireplace with the comfort and warmth. Whether it is heating, socializing, reading, chatting, playing or staring, fireplace is the center of their activities. People also naturally place furniture and artwork around it. As a result, even not in the winter, the fireplace has become a place for family members to reunite and receive guests, which became the center of family life and socialization. By the fireplace, it becomes the place with the most sense of life and ritual in the home. Thus it is now a symbol of the family.


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