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Differences Between True Fire Fireplace And Other Heating Equipment
Mar 08, 2017

True fire fireplace in the modern home occupies a very important position. Both finishes or heating effects are obtained people's favorite. See fireplaces on the market, color varies, to air conditioning heating effect, however, you first need to understand the styles and types of fireplaces.

High heat is often the true fire fireplace, even in very cold weather is no problem, and get quite hot, not like air conditioning takes a long time to warm up the environment as a whole. Enterprise application more suitable for more staff to the fireplace.

Conduction is heating the fireplace a few times. True fire fireplace compared with other air conditioners heating and insulation in the House for a long time, and for older people. We know that people are afraid of hot and cold temperatures of high blood pressure, the true fire fireplace temperature is relatively constant and uniform heating in each room. Partial heating of air conditioning and heating equipment is quite obvious, once the air conditioning off, the temperature will soon return home. And the cost of electricity is very expensive. Cost pressures to the economy are more obvious.

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