Eco Design Ready Stove

Eco Design Ready Stove

Ecodesign Fires of 5i with 5 KW insert Eco-friendly A+ of Ecodesign 2022 and DIN plus
Model: 5I
Test duration (h): 0.71
Total efficiency (% ): 79.8(A)
Nominal heat ouput ( KW): 4.9
Mean CO emission (at 13% O2) (vol%): 0.1
Mean flue gas temperature (°C): 249
Flue gas mass flow (g/s): 4.3
Mean CnHm (at 13% O2) ( mg/m³): 66
Mean NOx (at 13% O2) (mg/m³): 125
DIN Plus dust (at 13% O2) (mg/m³): 17
Net weight (kg): 80

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    5-I provides a nominal heat output of 5kw with 80% efficiency. HF5-I has a similar nominal output to model 5, but it is an insert stove instead of a freestanding stove. The design is simple and graceful. Its fire door is made in a whole glass, and beautiful intelligent burning does offer a great view of the fire.

    [Technical Parameters]

    Model name: 5-I
    Nominal heat output to room(kw): 5
    Efficiency(%): 80
    Dimension(H*W*D)(mm): 632*505*440
    Flue outlet: 6in/150mm
    Glass size(mm): 478*390
    Combustion chamber/ firebox size(mm): 285*281*302
    Maximum log length(mm): 260
    Maximum Fuel Load(kg): 1.5
    Ecodesign Energy Efficiency Rate: A
    Mean CO emission (vol%): 0.1
    Mean NOx emission(mg/m³): 125
    Gross weight(kg): 91
    Net weight(kg): 80    



    1. Outside air kit option

    2. In accord with Eco Design 2022 & Approved by SGS Netherlands

    3. Non-catalytic clean-burning system

    4. Air wash glass for an excellent view of the genuine fire

    5. 5-year limited warranty, rapidly and efficiently shipment and service.

    ISH 2019 Germany

    We will attend ISH 2019, which is a famous trade fair about bathroom design, sustainable heating and air-conditioning technology as well as intelligent home systems. This exhibition will be held from 11. March to 15. March 2019 Germany.


    We are going to bring our newly developed eco design stoves there. Our Stand No. is F32. Welcome to contact us in advance. Look forward to seeing you there.

    Specifications for model 5-I are shown in the following table.

    Model name


    Nominal heat output to room(kw)






    Flue outlet


    Glass size(mm)


    Combustion chamber/ firebox size(mm)


    Maximum log length(mm)


    Maximum Fuel Load(KG)


    Ecodesign Energy Efficiency Rate


    Mean CO emission (vol%)


    Gross weight(kg)


    Net weight(kg)


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