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Why Choose Us

Cleaner and much meaner

The HiFlame stoves incorporate state-ofthe-art clean burn technology – something you still don’t see on the average stove. Our unique Pre-heated Tertiary Air System, where the combustion air passes into the top of the fire chamber through an extremely hot cast iron backplate, ensures cleaner burning – even at the end of the burn cycle. This makes HiFlame stoves kinder to the environment (and your neighbours) as well as highly efficient and inexpensive to use. Some of our stoves are officially listed as clean burning Smoke Exempt Appliances by Defra, so that you can burn wood legally in a Smoke Control Area.

Easier to maintain

All our stoves have been designed with the minimum number of components and with easy maintenance in mind. For example, baffle plates, firebricks and firegrates are

all very easy to remove and clean without the need for tools. The Boiler baffle plate and boiler top can also be inspected and cleaned without having to remove the flue pipe. Robot-welded bodywork and the highest quality materials choice ensure that you’ll be enjoying the benefits of your HiFlame stove for many years to come – and many years longer than our Five Year Extended Warranty.



The seals of approval

All our stoves have been EPA and UL tested by in the USA or CE tested in the UK and Holland to EN13240 or EN13229 as appropriate, to ensure that they meet or exceed all strict EU safety, constructional, operational and emissions standards. Almost all stoves are therefore UK and ROI Construction Products Regulations (CPR) compliant. Some models in the range have also been approved by Hetas. Some of our stoves are listed on the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland’s (SEAI) Home-heating Appliance Register of Performance (HARP) database which was developed to help homeowners, BER Assessors and other professional evaluators to identify efficient heating systems.

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