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The Boiler Makes The Combustion Efficiency The Highest
Jun 28, 2017

Boiler known for ultra-quiet, it is heating bath heating process will not produce any noise pollution, multiple silent design so that the boiler cost greatly improved. Such ultra-quiet equipment does not produce vibration, so it will not damage the various components, the boiler life is longer. Xiaobian below to give you a detailed description of the characteristics of the boiler.

The first antifreeze protection science

The anti-freeze protection design of the home ultra-quiet boiler is not on paper. When the water temperature is lower than the predetermined temperature, the equipment will automatically run to ensure the heating temperature. When the hot water boiler temperature is extremely low, Boiler Stoves it will start the heating mode ignition. When the heating water temperature reaches When required to stop the operation, to ensure long-term constant water temperature.

The second pump has a long life and is stable

Ultra-quiet boiler water pump high quality, high standard water pump not only low energy consumption, and low noise, large head, large flow, Boiler Stoves to ensure that the entire boiler system continues to work steadily, which is other types of boilers can not match the place.

The third combustion efficiency is extremely high

This kind of good quality boiler combustion system is fully optimized, the use of straight fire row closed burning, free from external airflow, can effectively prevent heat loss; Boiler Stoves gas and oxygen contact area increases, plus strong row of blast Design efficient exhaust, exhaust emissions at the same time produce negative pressure for the combustion work to provide adequate oxygen, so that the highest combustion efficiency.

Fourth strong human nature

The kind of good quality of the boiler to achieve private custom heating water supply, it can always make an appointment to the water supply time, set the automatic shutdown time can make it more energy efficient, save operating expenses, so the boiler of human nature is extremely strong.

The above is the characteristics of the boiler. In addition, it has a higher degree of protection, safety and protection, anti-inverted irrigation protection, Boiler Stoves water pressure overload protection, the maximum protection of the boiler safety. In summary, the kind of boiler inside and outside the core components are super design, the boiler life longer, better performance.

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