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Production Of Heat-resisting Steel Plate For Enamel Furnace
Jul 24, 2017

Enamel Furnace Features:

1. Technology Intensive Enamel Treatment:

In the 852℃-930 enamel treatment, the characteristics of glass components embodied in the enamel treatment of the boiler liner, enamel surface layer is glass composition, Enamel Stoves so water will not occur with metal contact corrosion deterioration, surface damage phenomenon.

2. Environment-friendly: other brands of boiler liner is galvanized treatment, so has the human body harmful metal and chemical reactions, but the new development of the ABC enamel liner products, can provide clean, clean hot water.

3. Clean type: Iron, stainless steel, Enamel Stoves galvanized and other boilers after after the corrosion of the iron plate, and the ABC factory products inside the liner enamel treatment, so can provide pure hot water and boiling water to ensure your health.

4. The same 4mm thickness iron plate, enamel treatment, enamel liner and 6mm thickness of the same effect.

5. The use of pressure of 3.5kg/cm2, compared with other iron and stainless steel boilers, Enamel Stoves the service life is very long.

6. Conducive to special use of warm water venues: drinking, hotels, luxury residential, bathing and so on.

7. Enamel products are very corrosive to chemicals and so on, so they are used in various chemical industries.

8. Pipe water Capacity comparison:

The enamel furnace uses the heat-resisting steel plate to make, sets up the automatic coal to use the revolving ash plate to discharge the slag automatically, each activity is a water seal device, Enamel Stoves equipped with a special instrument SCR electrical control device, not only low energy consumption, large gas production, high calorific value, and good performance, with the use of open, easy to operate maintenance, safe and reliable, smoke dust removal, improve the environment.

Enamel Furnace Features:

1, the real environmental protection clean coal, gas purity, washing slag, no chimney, do not emit any soot.

2, do not need to be qualified to review the Mandarin gas producer, does not belong to the "boiler and Pressure Vessel safety regulations" category, does not require qualification review.

3, efficient and energy-saving combustion safety, high thermal efficiency, Enamel Stoves two kg of coal produced by the calorific value is equal to a litres of diesel oil produced calorific value.

4, easy to set up with the use, the interval can be up to 168 hours.

5, operation and maintenance simple operation simple, mechanical automatic slag, automation high, without professional training, the general staff can operate.

6, electrical automation using SCR technology, to achieve the partial motor stepless speed regulation and low pressure (12v-50v) control, safe and reliable, temperature self-test, over-temperature open, easy to operate.

7, safe and reliable do not have a storage tank, gas with the production of the use of atmospheric pressure combustion, and a number of safety facilities.

8, the application widely applies in the guesthouse, the hotel, organs, schools, troops and other groups, with the use of various types of coal-fired boilers, fuel stoves can be changed to fuel, gas dual-use stoves; in industrial use, suitable for various types of heat treatment furnace, ceramic kiln, Enamel Stoves metal products heating furnace, hot-dip galvanizing furnace, hot enamel furnace, drying furnace.

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