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Cast Iron Furnace Excellent Performance
Jul 12, 2017

1. First, we know the external advantages of the cast iron stove. Long life, in general, the average life expectancy is about 40 years. Under normal circumstances, many places in the use of the boiler, then, will prepare a backup, but if the use of cast iron furnace, then do not have to worry about this problem, because it can be said that quite a few failures.

 2. Second, the use of cast iron furnace, the relative, very energy efficient, because we know that according to long-term use, of course, hope to be less trouble, and can save energy, so you can save a lot of money, and we know Cast iron furnace can meet this effect. Farrow industrial boilers, Italian design research and development, Cast Iron Stove the world's leading brands, covering the whole industry chain of hot water industry.

 3. 3 Finally, the cast iron furnace is suitable in any environment, because for many manufacturers, different places use the boiler environment is different, but for the cast iron furnace in any environment are applicable, but also for the installation of relatively speaking, Cast Iron Stove very Of the simple, and the most important is the area is very small, with a strong security, is the first choice of many manufacturers, of course, for manufacturers, if you want to buy cast iron furnace, then the best choice of relatively high cost, Cast Iron Stove Quality assurance business of the production of cast iron furnace, quality and after-sales service are guaranteed. Of course, if the purchase of cast iron furnace, but also pay attention to the choice of brand, but also the truth. With the development of the times, how environmentally friendly and efficient to provide heating and living hot water more and more urgent to mention out, coal-fired gas will meet people's current requirements. National key construction projects West-East Gas Pipeline and the "gasification project" continue to advance, fueled for the gas boiler, in just a few years, many domestic manufacturers competing to develop and develop all kinds of suitable gas boilers. During this period, foreign applications for many years mature, environmentally friendly, efficient gas boiler has become the focus of many manufacturers to follow. One of the US National Boiler Company (America's Boiler Company) produced a modular boiler is particularly prominent, it is a new design concept, excellent technical quality, excellent performance, Cast Iron Stove environmentally friendly and efficient image of the rapid mass into the domestic market, many customers a wide range Recognition and high evaluation.

 Modular combination of hot water boiler with high efficiency, durable, reliable, easy to install, flexible, low operating costs, easy maintenance and operation, environmental protection effect is good, no pollution, no noise and so on. Widely used in home heating and hot water, residential heating and hot water, as well as industrial and commercial heating, hot water.

Boiler characteristics

First, the modular design, simple structure, flexible installation, convenient module boiler module concept is equivalent to the single large boiler split into a number of small boilers (less than 1m3). Cast Iron Stove Therefore, it can be said that the modular boiler can achieve the size of any single steam boiler in the number of "simple parallel combination", so the module boiler can replace the current common 10 tons of steam below the various types of heating and hot water boiler.

Boiler module design determines its following characteristics:

① each boiler are spare, equipment and investment utilization, operational safety greatly improved. Once a boiler accident fails, the heating effect is very small, only 1 / N (N for the number of boilers).

② capacity expansion performance. With the district heating and living heat load changes (increase or decrease), at any time by increasing or decreasing the number of boilers, Cast Iron Stove with smaller investment to meet the needs of heating. Unlike the single large boiler capacity is difficult to adjust.

③ Boiler housing infrastructure requirements are not high, can significantly reduce infrastructure investment. Small module boilers can enter the boiler room through the common door, the user can arrange the boiler according to the specific situation of the boiler room, such as: If the boiler room size is long, the module boiler can also be arranged in a narrow form. The boiler has no special requirements for the boiler room, do not need to invest huge amounts of money to dig the foundation, Cast Iron Stove the construction of a high level of seismic capacity of brick and concrete structure boiler room. The above characteristics determine the boiler is particularly suitable for transformation and expansion project. Second, long life, easy maintenance, durable (cast iron furnace design life of up to 50 years) Boiler long life is the main reason is the use of cast iron stove. At present, most of the single large boiler steel stove, we all know, cast iron than steel acid and oxygen corrosion is much better.

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